Need to take TEAS V but I'm not a citizen

  1. First of, hello to everyone.

    I'm new to this forum and been pointed here by a friend of mine, who is a nurse.

    Today, I applied for a ASN program in my community college.

    Like every program, they require their applicants to take the TEAS V test.
    Upon taking the exam, each student is to provide a GOVERMENT I.D, which could be a driver's license or a passport.

    Here is my problem...I am not a citizen.
    I have neither one of those.

    I'm really flustered right now because I don't know how to remedy this.

    Any idea on how I can deal with this? Thanks in advance
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  3. by   dudette10
    Your friend should have pointed you to the administration of the school.

    Just check to see if what government ID would be accepted if you aren't a citizen. Green card? Student visa? Work visa? State ID? Passport of your home country?

    I'm sure you're not the only non-citizen that has ever taken a test requiring identification at that school.
  4. by   KatMaarof
    Hi there!!

    I dont think you need to be a citizen to take your TEAS. If you have your green card already you should be able to use that as a form of identification. Or you can go to your local DMV and get a state ID. Which ID did you use to apply to your community college?

    P/S: Question, where are you from if i may ask. Your username made me chuckle cos of what it means in my language (Malay)

    Good luck!