Late TEAS test results?

  1. Hi! A little background: I'm a high school student who's wanted to be a nurse since forever, and I just started taking corequisites(Microbio, English, Psych, A&P, ect.). I've been reading posts on this site for about a year now, and am honored to be finally posting something myself! Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!

    And now for my pickle: I took the TEAS on a computer, and therefore assumed I'd get my results right after the test. As it turns out, they said the results would be available on the ATI testing website 48 hours after I finished the test. As of now, it's been 49 hours, and I'm still not getting any test scores on ATI. What I'm wondering is, is it okay to freak out now and frantically contact the company, or is it normal for them to pass the deadline like this?
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  3. by   idkmybffjill

    This says that it can take 72 hours for test results to populate onto your account.

    If you don't get it in 72 hours, then I'd call them about it. Though I looks like they are closed Monday, and I think their customer service is only open during general M-F hours. So it might be Tuesday before they are open and you can call or chat with someone.
  4. by   future(hopefully)nurse

    OMG I'm having the same problem! I talked to a representative before taking my test because my application is due this Monday so I wanted to give myself as much time without missing the deadline. They promised me I'd get my results before my deadline. It's been 48 hours for me and I'm paranoid because they're closed on Monday so I have no hope if I don't get them by then. Can you update us on whether or not you got your results and when?

  5. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    Can you update us on whether or not you got your scores and how many hours later?
  6. by   idkmybffjill
    I've read from others that there was a large volume of attempts this past week, so ATI is backed up with processing scores. According to someone else who called ATI on Friday, the system that scores and populates test attempts is an automatic 24/7 system, so your score can pop up even with ATI being closed.
  7. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    And if this means anything at all, before the page loads completely, where my scores should appear, it says "Results disabled by instructor".
  8. by   future(hopefully)nurse
    4 days later and I still have yet to see my results! My application is today... To the original poster, did you get your results? If so, when?