I took TEAS and got such a low score 44%.....

  1. hi...i took teas today and got incredibly score 44%...

    i can retake teas again.
    i studied 3 weeks for reading materials. i did not do practicce qeustions.
    especially, my science is so low, 27%.
    math 80%.
    could you tell me how did you study for science?
    i have to rise my score 20% to get into the nursing program.
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  3. by   1waitingpatiently
    I studied from the ATI and Kaplan books. Plus, I focused most of my studying on my weak points using tutorials on the web to help me. I got a 92.
  4. by   Darkstar1485
    One thing for sure, you should practice balancing equations (chemistry). i had a couple of those questions on my test.
  5. by   Mrs2016
    I can't offer you any useful advice, but only my sympathy. I just finished taking the teas online PRACTICE exam A tonight, and scored a 59.3%, so I feel screwed right now........ I hope you find a way to kick this test in the @$$!! cheers
  6. by   Lovie12
    I would say practice with the ATI book and if you can afford it the online practice test. Any points you are weak on as you go over the review book go over in you your A&P book or whatever source you can get the info from. Study really hard and you will do great. Also try and figure out why your not answering a question right. The ATI review gives you the backbone for the information but you will also have to know the meat of it.
  7. by   chippie
    I used the ATI book, bought it on Amazon used (much cheaper). It was a really great tool for studying, I would have concentrated more on the science.
  8. by   tammy_zeidan09
    My biggest advice to those who are taking the TEAS is to study as long and as much as you can. I studied for three months before wroking up the courage to take TEASV. Thankfully I scored an 82 over all: 100% on math, and 75% in science. Not sure what I got in reading and english, bc my school didn't care for those so long as i passed a 60%.
    I studied day in and out and purchased four different books to prepare. I hated how long I studied for, but it surely paid off.
    I didn't buy the ATI test questions online, and I did okay. However, I did try practice problems in the back of the ATI book and googled TEAS examples and just kept practicing.

    The science is tough. I read every page of the science section in the ATI and still managed with a rough score. It is disgustingly random, no matter how much you read it over, it's just rough.

    Hope you do well in 3 weeks hun!
  9. by   coconurse
    Hello people who response my ad (T-T)/

    I was checking when I can retake TEAS.
    I have to wait one year to retake. I really have to pass TEAS. I will check my weak points and study questions.
    Thank you!
  10. by   Darkstar1485
    That doesn't sound right at all. One year? That's ridiculous. Ugh. I hope that's wrong.
  11. by   coconurse
    One year because I have to take remediation plan.
    During a year, I prepare for the next TEAS to retake.
  12. by   tammy_zeidan09
    WOW! our remidiation time was 10 days.