How long did you study for TEAS V/NLN Pax?

  1. Hey guys!!

    I'm taking the TEAS V on March 5th and wanted to know how long did people study for the teas v? I really want to get a 90% or higher and I've taken A&P I, Bio, Chem and numerous other courses already (BA in Allied Health). I'm trying to study at least 1-2 hours on weekdays and possible 4+ on weekends. I just want to do so good, but I'm so worried. I even want to go over the book twice but not sure if it's possible in 4.2 weeks. Is it true there is no periodic table given on the exam?

    Also for anyone who has taking the NLN Pax, how similiar is it to the teas v? I bought both study guides but it's going to be rough going through both books....
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  3. by   sillywilly

    I have not taken my TEAS test yet either, but was wondering the same thing. I just bought the ATI review book and tests last week. The school I applied to said they will call me in a week or two to schedule the TEAS test. They would not tell me how much time I would have in between being scheduled and taking the test. I am starting to get nervous, I hope they don't call me and tell me I will have to take the test in a week!

    I am going to start studying everyday. I just hope I have enough time to study before I take the test.
  4. by   agcrna
    Hi, Im studyng the Mcgrill book. Its excellent book. Im schedule to take the test on mid feb. Actually looking for a partner to study.

    hope I helped you.