How are you all getting 80-90%

  1. Hello, took my very first attempt at the TEAS VI this February after buying 2 practice books (ATI TEAS Study Manual 6th edition and Mometrix ATI TEAS Secrets), made flash cards and studied for about 6 weeks taking an inperson $500 prep course at UCF. I got a 76% but needed at least a 78% just to apply to the BSN program with UCF.

    I recieved a 91.5% in reading, 71.9% in math, a horrible 66% in science, and a 75% in english.

    The sad thing is, the last week before I took the real test I actually stopped doing the science portion of my practice tests because I had been doing so well on them (around 85% on first 2 practice tests in Mometrix). On my Mometrix practice tests I was recieveing total scores in the 90% and was told the real test was going to be easier. Yet...the science totally baffled me, I was shocked at how many in-depth questions there were on physiology, and it was my LOWEST score even after doing so well in practice.

    I'm on my last semester of pre-reqs and have gotten an A in micro, A in A&P 1, B in bio, and am currently a quarter done with A&P 2 and have done fairly well so far. I'm so shocked to see all these people who claim it's "basic math" or "general A&P" and recieving exemplary scores on their first attempts. It's very disheartening, and makes me feel like I'm not qualified for this job, reguarless of how well I do in actual science classes. I honestly don't know how to improve. Using my spring break to practice for another attempt. I guess I'm writing this for people like me, that you're not alone here with all these brainiacs.
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  3. by   rgo2018
    Don't feel discouraged - TEAS is indeed a difficult test.

    You are missing the main prep book - the A&P Textbook!

    I took it twice because I wanted to boost my reading score. Whenever I took it, I was surprised how tough those science questions were. At one time during the science section I had about 10 questions where I was not sure about the answer. What helped me was using process of elimination and listening to my gut feeling to answer these questions. Also, make sure you understand the material, not just memorize it.

    For math section, I honestly think that it is basic math. Most of the questions can be solved using a ratio. Also, there is a calculator so no need to do problems by hand. Practice makes perfect!

    Again, don't feel discouraged! Study some more, get plenty of rest before the test, eat a good breakfast! You got this!
  4. by   muyekawa
    This was your first time taking it! Try not to get discouraged. It's not an easy test. You did incredible in your reading section! I purchased the ATI TEAS smart prep through the website. It includes two full practice exam and it reviews what specific areas you need to focus on and gives you lessons on areas to work on. This probably helped me the most to acclimate myself to the test and the time limit.

    I'm not a huge fan of the mometrix study guide. It's a good start but I definitely would not have gotten a high score using this guide alone. I felt the study guide gave you just enough information to make an educated guess. For example, the TEAS test will ask you what a nonspecific immune response would be. Mometrix mentions NOTHING about cytokines! I watched tons of videos on youtube and Khan Academy to review and go more in depth. I listened to videos in my car, while working out, etc. My theory is that mometrix uses the same stuff on their HESI A2 and TEAS study guide which doesn't necessarily mesh.

    You said you haven't finished A&P yet and probably a lot of the people who are getting 90% and higher have taken the courses that are on the TEAS test. I have taken Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, General Chemistry, AP Biology, Human Anatomy, and Physiology before attempting the TEAS. I got a 97% on the science portion first attempt.

    I've also taken calculus and previously tutored students at my college and I got 98% on the math portion. My tip on the math section is since it's multiple choice you can always fill in the answers to try them out for the algebra problems via process of elimination which guarantees you get the right answer. For the problem solving, I think I looked up college algebra word problems online to find worksheets. If you don't understand them, try going to a math tutor! If that's not available you can also look at youtube videos to follow.
  5. by   airasalia
    TEAS mastery app for the phone. Study every where you go. Take multiple practice tests. It looks like you need to brush up on the science for sure. It was a tough least more tough than I thought it would be. It actually surprised me. I got a 90.7 the first try, but my aim was to get 100 so I relentlessly studied my weaker areas. I had a terrible grammar score on the practice tests so that's where the TEAS mastery app really helped me. I would practice, read up on what I missed and try to understand it better and then practice again and again. For the science, I have been taking the post tests at this site: Post-Test Quiz and then reading what I got wrong and studying those specific areas that I was weak in.
  6. by   PriPri
    I think the most important part of the science portion is knowing anatomy. I had taken anatomy a couple of months before taking the teas and it really helped. It felt like review by the time I had to take the teas.