Help me to understand TEAS rank and etc.

  1. Ok so I am trying to enter an LPN program and I have to wait until the middle of May to see if I am accepted or not but however I got my Teas results and know they take the top 80 people that took the test well my program rank is 73 does that mean only 27 scored better than me or am I 7 shy of getting in the program please explain? DRIVING ME NUTS!
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  3. by   SycamoreGuy
    It sounds like you are describing your percentile rank. i.e. if 100 people took the test and you are in the 73 percentile, you scored better than 73 of those taking the test. Unless there were a lot more than 80 people applying to your program I think you are safe.
  4. by   alibear27
    If when you say "program rank" you are referring to the "Percentile Rank - Program" on your teas score report, and your percentile was 73, this means that 27% of test-takers in your "Program Type" (listed on your TEAS score report, ie BSN, ADN, etc) scored higher than you, and 72% of test-takers scored lower than you. This puts you in the 73rd percentile along with a bunch of other people nationwide.

    If you are trying to get into the "top 80" of applicants overall, the percentile ranking has nothing to do with your ranking to get into your school. They are two separate things. Whether or not you will make it into "the top 80" as you state depends on how your competitors did, and how you compare to them.

    However, if you meant that your school wants you to meet at least a percentile rank of 80 (some schools use such criteria, but not all), then you did not make it. At the 73rd percentile you would be at least 7 points away from meeting that standard.

    Does this help?