failed teas with a 57% retook it and got 80%

  1. Hello!! I have a question regarding Teas scores. I took the Teas the first time in February and got a 57%. I just retook it and got an 80% and I just applied to 5 nursing schools in LA area. I heard back from 2/5 schools saying they only accept the first score, and since I didn't pass the first time basically I'm not accepted. I was wondering if I have a chance of getting accepted into the 3 others based on my first exam score. I have a high gpa it's just my first teas score that's killing it for me! I'm starting to think every other school I applied for is going to call me and tell me they only take the first score as well. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   PhillippaX50
    Not all schools take your first score - mine takes your best. You should find out what the other three schools look for. Since you've already applied, you could try looking through your application/paperwork, call or go to the school, or check out their websites.
  4. by   ArrowRN
    I've mentioned this before. contact each of the school's nursing adviser and ask about policy concerning TEAS scores. Some take the first score, may require you to wait until next year to reapply with your new score, I'd call back those schools just to find out because normally they would take the MOST RECENT score, so that does sound odd.Only thing I'm guessing is their policy Allows TEAS to be taken only once within a 12 month period.That would mean retaking the test in 2014 during their new application period Other schools allow TEAS twice or 3 times per year some just once per year. Other schools take the highest of any scores within a year, while others take only the most recent score. It really depends on the school policy. To give you an idea, when I took teas I got an 84% I retook it and got lower, the school I got into allowed me to use the higher of the 2 scores. So its really based on their TEAS policy. Hope this helps.
  5. by   rachelmacy
    Where do you live? Most of the program websites I applied to say first attempt, which is very disappointing. I am hoping and praying that the schools that don't mention it means they will take my second attempt. Very scary!