Can I just take the TEAS V for myself?

  1. Is there a way to take the TEAS V, for my own personal use? Also if I am applying to several schools, do I have to take it for each school I apply to, or is there a State/National database? I want to take it on my own with no pressure once before I take it for real.
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  3. by   Medic/RN2B
    I dont think so however you can buy and takr the practice tests online the ATI website offers. It is really close to the real test...also unless your schools specify the test is good for all.schools that require the TEAS for an entrance exam
  4. by   alibear27
    If you want to practice beforehand you should take the online practice tests from ATI. If you take the actual test, it could screw you up in the future. Many schools will only consider your first attempt, regardless if you got a higher score the second time you took the test. I would not risk taking a real TEAS test unless you are absolutely prepared to take it and intend to get the highest score you can. The practice tests online are very helpful, they cost money but they are harder than the actual TEAS test, plus they give you the rationale for all of the answers so it is a great study and preparation tool. You do not have to take the TEAS for each school, just once. Then you can have your TEAS transcript sent to each school as needed during the application process.
  5. by   HeatherMax