Ati teas 6 exam - 2017 August 14

  1. Hello everyone!

    I just finished this morning the ATI 6 test.
    I did it at Monroe College, Bronx, NY.

    My Scores:

    Reading 66%
    English 70.8%
    Science 85.1%
    Math 100%

    Mean National 65.6
    Mean Program 58.4
    Percentile rank National 89
    Percentile rank Program 97

    I came to USA just two years ago. That's why my reading and comprehension note was so low... but it was something that I couldn't aid studying for the Teas 6 in just two months.
    By the way, last time I studied was 20 years ago in Argentina. I finished High School in 1997.

    The important tip I want to give you is that:

    If you want 100% in science, you have to know all the names of the muscles of the human body. Also you need to know what implies the secretion of a certain hormone, deeply. Also know in detail the structure of the kidneys (DETAILED) and the way that immunity cells communicate eachother. Long story short, you need BIO 130 and BIO 132.
    But I think it worth to take the ATI TEAS 6 without having done those Pre-required credits.

    Before this exam, I was wondering IF I should do first Bio 130 and Bio 132 (anatomy and philosophy 1 and 2).
    The conclusion is: It was not necessary.

    NO Physics, no acceleration questions, no periodic table related questions, no Work or Energy questions, No Gas laws...

    So, hurry up and go for it!

    ps: All the books you need, you can ask for them at your town Library. It is free.

    Good luck!
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  3. by   dublin62505
    Thank you for sharing your assessment of the test & some of your tips. Good luck w/ your nursing endeavors. :-)