?'s about ATI study guide for TEAs V

  1. I'm planning to take the TEAs sometime in the next three months, and I'm having a great deal of anxiety around the math portion of the exam. I've never been particularly good at math to begin with, and I think I nearly fainted when I was told I couldn't use a calculator. I've been using one to do all of my math school work since the 5th grade. Needless to say, I've become fairly crippled by it.

    I ordered the ATI study book, which should be here in the next couple days.
    My question is this: is it enough to just study the types of equations presented in the study book? Is that ALL that will be on the test? Will they throw something completely off the wall into the question pool?
    Or, in your experience, did you find the actual math portion of the TEAs test very similar to the problems in the official practice book?
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  3. by   chorkle

    Your Q. seems to be, what exactly will be on the TEAS, when (I) sit down to take it? Just tell me that, so I can get 100%.

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for you. Nor will the TEAS, nor ATI.

    The TEAS, you will (or may) discover, will have the questions it will have; trying to predict them in advance is likely to be less than fruitful. If you wish (as you ask) to know ALL that will be on the exam, i suggest that you take the exam, several times, perhaps many times. You could become expert about just what is on the exam (or, actually, what was on the exam, each time you took it).

    I would suggest you have a look at the ATI Study Guide. Actually, I would suggest you INTERNALIZE everything in it, cover to cover. Or, alternatively, study (really STUDY) everything you ever were exposed to in A&P, Microbiology, and college Algebra--as a start.

    Another alternative could be 40 or 50 years of life experience, plus the above-mentioned college courses.

    You're anxious about a test you may take some time in the next 3 months, about which you seem to know nothing? Ease your anxiety. Plan to take it sometime in the next 12 months, and you can be serene for 9 months or so.
  4. by   Klmazza12
    MMM. I think you missed the point of my question. I'll restate. Here's sort of an example of what I'm after:

    Going through the math in the official ATI study manual, I notice there are no practice geometry problems. Is it safe to assume that this means there will be no geometry problems on the actual TEAs exam when I sit down to take it?

    I'm asking if the ATI manual coincides with the real exam in this way, not if the questions are the same. Only the subjects.
  5. by   mjs0915
    U have a good question one I had to I didn't want to know what the questions were just if I should study another book the ati book has all math u need to know hope this helps