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TEAS Exam for Emory ABSN

by susyv susyv (New) New

I am really interested in the Accelerated BSN program at Emory's School of Nursing. I recently found out about the program, which requires a standardized test for admission. I want to take the TEAS exam, but I'm not sure how much time I should study for it and whether my results would reach Emory by the application deadline which is October 15, 2017!

The two dates I can take the TEAS are October 2 or October 9. For anyone who has taken the test, would these dates give me sufficient time to prepare for it?? I would have 4-5 weeks of study time. I did a couple online practice questions and it doesn't seem too difficult...

If I take it on October 9, would this be enough time for me to add my official score report to my application before the October 15 deadline??

I would appreciate any advice!

I'm not applying there, but I think that's plenty of time to study.

As for the score report time, I suggest checking with Emory to see how fast they get/process scores from ATI. I applied to a school that accepted an uploaded copy of my personal score report, so every school is different.

I emailed Emory but they said they don't know how long it takes for the TEAS results to get in. They just suggested I take the test as early as I can. I think I'm going to go for the Oct. 2 test date!