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TEAS breakdown

by cupnoodles cupnoodles (New) New

For those who have taken the TEAS, do you remember how much time is alloted for each of the four sections? I've read some of the past posts, and many have mentioned running out of time on the math portion. Any idea as to how long we have to complete it? I haven't taken math classes in years. :o

Thanks in advance!

No, I don't remember exactly, but I do know it is long enough to finish if you don't let yourself get bogged down. Look through the section before you start, real quick, then when you start skip the ones that stump you , after you have completed the ones that are easy for you go back and tackle the hard ones. You don't waste time this way. I am not great at math either, but I finished before time was up! I prepared for the test using the Kaplan book, and it was way harder than the actual test so that made me relax.;)


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I just took it on Monday and aced it :)

I dont remember the time constraints but I felt that you did not have much time. For the math go through and do all the one step easy ones.

Do not check your answers first! I would circle ones that I thought may need to be checked and left the ones I thought were correct. Then I went back and checked those circled ones after completing everything else.

I scored a 97% on the math and I think that time management was a big part of that.

I didnt feel rushed in any other areas. GOOD LUCK

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