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I am trying to put together a teaching plan for my fundamentals class. Does anyone have any links to site where I can see examples or just any advice? TIA

Ok edited to add more info.

I have to do this teaching plan for a resident I have been taking care of for the last few weeks. Pt has dysphagia and I have chosen Impaired Swallowing as my NANDA diagnosis. I found this under Nutrition and I'm certainly hoping this is going to be acceptable to my instructor. Pt also has had a CVA and suffers from dementia. So I figured I would teach her techniques to reduce risk for aspiration. I thought using repetition and visual aids as my primary teaching methods. Note: the pt's dementia is medically controlled so she does understand and retain information. I.e., she remembers me on sight, can tell me my name.

What do you guys and girls think??? Thanks!



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Ok, so I was going over the guidelines again and it should be like Deficient Knowledge related to lack of exposure? Am on the right track????

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if you've read any of my posts on nursing diagnosis questions, you know that i always tell students that the choice of any nursing diagnosis is based upon the symptoms (defining characteristics) that a patient has. you also need to look at a care plan or nursing diagnosis reference that has nanda taxonomy information in it. read the nanda definitions of the diagnoses you are thinking of using. do they fit with your patient's problem? do the defining characteristics listed with these diagnoses match some of your patient's symptoms?

you can find lots of teaching information through the weblinks on this thread:

the medline plus site is a great place to start. you will have to use the search box on the site and input "stroke". you'll get lots of helpful weblinks to explore. some will have good rehab information and most are consumer oriented so they are teaching focused. i particularly like the teaching articles on the university of pittsburgh medical center health library website. they are well-organized and easy for the consumer to read.

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