Teaching Emotional Eating Class - Need Your Input


i have been asked by my hospital to teach a class to the community about emotional eating. i would like to include some thoughts about emotional eating and the effects it can have on your mind, body, and life. if you are an emotional eater, can you describe what you feel like when you find yourself responding to stress by eating? in my powerpoint presentation, i will only be using the words as quotes without citing usernames or any identifying information. thank you, in advance, for sharing your feelings and experiences with me.

some background information about me:

i am a 46 year-old female who has been a nurse for 2 years (the last five months as a clinical nurse educator) at a small community hospital. from 1983 through december 2009, i was an emotional eater and refined carbohydrates were my drug of choice. by my best estimate, i have gained and lost about 800 lbs. since i was 18. have tried every diet, every fad from weight loss pills to diet teas, and every exercise program and piece of equipment. since december 2009, i have lost 70 lbs. and want to lose about 50 more. my highest weight was 264 lbs. my current weight is 194 lbs. i read a really great book that was so logical and something clicked. i now avoid refined carbs, enjoy a diet of protein, fruits and vegetables, and good grains. for exercise, i found some different activities i like. most importantly, i haven't reacted to any of the intense urges to cram as much refined carbohydrates into my mouth as possible.


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I am an overeater, emotional and otherwise. I eat when I am anxious which is often. I eat when I am angry, feeling ugly and fat. After 30+ years I joined Overeaters Anonymous. I see myself as an addict. There are foods I have to stay away from, cheese, sweets, chips. I can eat the a lb of cheese at one sitting. It is so gross. In graduate school I had to complete a research paper on Overeating. I learned in my reading that much is genetic. i.e.if parents are over weight so will their kids. In the twin studies performed in Sweden alot research was done with both identical and paternal twins. My dad was an Alcoholic. I am a food-aholic. If I exercise, then I become an exercise-holic. Emotional eating is initiated from the inability to work out the problems that is the cause of stress, low self-esteem, depression. I need to go out for a walk or I will eat. UGH