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So we start Pharmacology next week and the teacher has already emailed us about her changing two classes, she can't make it on those fridays so instead she's holding class on Wed/Thurs morning. So now people who have clinicals Mon/Tues have to come in two additional days, what about work and kids? and I have clinicals Wed/Thurs so it means our class is going to be rushed beyond belief. What do you think about that? I think it's totally disrespectful to assume that we can just change our schedules based on the teachers schedule. And one day she's moving is because it's good friday and the entire campus is closed. Have any of you experienced this?


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Our schedule usually remains the same. If they want some people to change classes they ask for volunteers. Your teacher needs to remember that some people do work while going to school and can't change their schedule on a moment's notice. I would not be happy either.


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Her response to us saying that we do have to work was 'You should be totally focused on school, not work' well I'm single and cannot afford to not work, I support myself..she doesn't care.


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Is this a college? Because I don't see how she can just change the schedule? Hopefully others will respond, because I think this is not normal.


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I would speak with someone higher than your teacher. It is disrespectful of your time and outside life to change class times. Even with weeks of notice, it is not always possible.


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We've had this happen - but it is usually to our benefit. Although we have had things change and it only complicated things. For example, the day before our clinical (we had 2 weeks left on our rotation), they came in and said that we were changing rotations a week early. Well, they didn't really disseminate the information to the clinical instructors well and the instructor that was with my group had no idea the next night, and we still had paperwork to complete and evaluations to do. It was a mess!

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