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I am wanting to do the TCC-OU Collaborative program and have a few questions for anyone in the know.

First of all, I will completely all of my pre-reqs in Spring of 2010. I want to apply (before the deadline of February 2010) for the Fall of 2010 nursing program. However, when I apply, I will still be in the classes that I need to enroll in the nursing program. I checked on the OU website, and it said that you have to have the pre-reqs finished prior to ENROLLMENT, not acceptance. Will I be ok to apply for the Fall of 2010, if I will be finished with my pre-reqs in the Spring? I've heard yes and no. It would suck for me to have to wait out an entire year of doing nothing to reapply for the Fall of 2011.

Can anyone help me out? Sorry for the rambling!



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Yes. I just applied for the 2009 program so I can answer you. Your application will be due in January of 2010. You need to talk to an advisor this summer or next Fall at OU just to give them a copy of your transcript to make sure everything is good. Then when you send in your application you will send your official transcripts, and and your spring schedule to show that you are enrolled in the required courses for spring of 2010. You can finish required course in summer but I was told they prefer to see that they are going to be done htat spring before you will attend the nursing program.


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One more thing. There is a 3000-4000 level non-western civ requirement that you can not fill at TCC. You will have to take it at Rogers or OU, or OSU. I am taking it right now at RSU. Its Native American Lit, and its online. l if you are considering that you could probably take it this summer if its offered.


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Sorry, didn't mean to post twice. I was trying to correct it. What do you know about the collaborative program. I applied to it as my second choice just in case I don't get in to the program at the Schusterman center.

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Jackie, I'm now in the 2nd semester of the collaborative program. I can tell you from experience that it will greatly benefit you to have all your pre-reqs set to be completed the Spring before your entry into the program, but if you still have outstanding classes, don't feel that you're out of the game. There are two people in my class that had 5-6 outstanding pre-requisites at the time of application (in January of the year before beginning the program in August). I had one outstanding pre-requisite had the time I applied in October (for the following August start date). Also, a helpful note for pre-requisites, IF you need that 3000-4000 level course, you can eliminate the need for THREE pre-reqs if you take the NSCI3543 at OSU-Tulsa (Food and Human Environment). It wil take care of the Culture, Non-Western Civ, and 3000-4000 level course requirement. My best advice, if you would like a transcript evaluation, there is a contact person at There are application workshops held throughout the year that can be very integral to your admission to the OUCON! She is a VERY busy, sweet woman, but if you give her time she will help you to the best of her abilities. Don't forget in your application to apply to both the TCC Collaborative AND the Traditional Program, I almost didn't apply to the collaborative program, and that is the one I was accepted to! If you have any other questions I'd be happy to try to answer them. Great luck with your future nursing career! :)

*one last note!* I would suggest planning to have your science pre-reqs out of the way, and not have those being outstanding pre-reqs at the time of your application, only because I spoke with several friends that applied for the same program, and were not admitted because their outstanding courses were micro, phys, and chem, etc. Just a thought! :D

Samantha Tucker

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Thanks for the replies girls.

I am a little nervous now. I will be taking my Micro and Phys classes in the fall, and then have my Anatomy and Chem left for the Spring of 2010. I desperately want to be able to get into the program in the Fall of 2010.

I will be contacting her and asking for her advice. Thank you very much!


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I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind. I have applied to the collaborative program for next fall and was wondering what your schedule looked like. I have three kids and am trying to prepare for childcare issues ahead of time.

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Well, I'm sure it changes every year according to exact times...but here it goes:

Fall 08

4 classes, one strictly online

Health Assessment Monday 1400-1700 (lecture and lab immediately follows)

Human Experience in Health Tuesday 1300-1400 (lecture)

Clinical I Lab/Lecture Wednesday 0900-1400 (lunch break in middle) Lecture with lab following

Nursing philosophy (online, very few meetings except for paper assignment discussions)

First few weeks of the new semester, thursdays and fridays are taken by misc. community clinical workshop stuff, and finally you have a couple free thurs/fridays right before clinical starts. You have community clinical and hospital clinical, there are generally two groups, one start community while the other starts hospital, then they trade. Also a few weekend days required for community clinical things. Hospital clinical is either 0630-1430 or 1430-2130 (1 hour lunch or dinner). Community clinical is ONE day per week when your group is doing it, then hospital clinical is thurs AND fri, either mornings only or evenings only.

Spring 09

5 classes, one online

Family Focus Monday 1000-1200

Clinical II Lecture Monday 1300-1500, Lab Tues 0900-1200

Pharmacology Wednesday 0900-1200

Acute and Chronic Illness Wednesday 1300-1500

Human experience in disAbility, whenever she feels like meeting.

Random things tues/thurs for three weeks until OB clinicals start for one group and med/surg for the other group, then switch. some heavy community clinical goes on this semester, for LOTS of community credit hours, req'd by state board of nursing, allegedly.

Hope that kinda helped more than it hurt!


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That is awful! How do you keep track of what you are doing? What do people do with their families in the evenings?

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I don't really know how I keep track of what I'm doing....probably only because I have a planner. And..what? You don't get to do anything with your family in the evening, you're studying!!!! lol.


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If you are looking for a great planner check out Mom Agenda. They are great for students and moms...they have a weekly calendar and then spots for your kids schedules (or for me kids/school). I write in my classes and tranfer my syllabus into the planner....I LOVE IT!

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