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TCC Nursing Pre-Reqs

So I'm starting my prerequisites for the nursing program at TCC next semester and I was wondering if anyone on here has graduated from the same program. If so, how did you like? Can you give me some tips to be successful in the program? Also, these are the prereqs I need to take next Spring, maymester, and summer. What courses would work best together? Like which should be taken separetely from others because of how hard they are?

-BIOL 2401 + Lab (Spring)

-BIOl 2402 + Lab (Maymester or Summer)

-BIOL 2420 + Lab (Spring)

-CHEM 1406 + Lab (Spring)

-PSYC 2314 (Spring?)

-PSYC 2301 (Spring?)

-PHED 1164 (Spring?)

-SPCH 1311 (Maymester?)

I plan on turning in my nursing application in August of 2015. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Chem and Phed are no longer required as far as I know. All you need to apply are A&P 1 and 2, micro, and be TSI compliant in math. As far as sciences, there are no sciences offered in the Winter and May semesters. That would be impossible, you wouldn't learn anything because you'd be so rushed. I wouldn't take a science with another science for fear of not being able to separate the two in my mind.

I'm also applying for Spring 2016, and here's my plan. I'm currently taking A&P 1, Spch 1311, Psyc 2301, English 1301, and an elective. Next semester I'll be taking A&P 2, Psyc 2314, English 1302, Texas gov, and an elective. Then over the summer I will take micro and apply.

At the program I am going for the only four main prequisites you need are as Wildearth said. A&P 1 + 2, ENC1101, and General PSY. The rest that are needed for academics for graduation are ENC1102, Human Dev, MAC1105, Microbiology, and a humanities class.


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