Tb test. Help!


I had a tb test yesterday and it is super red (about the size of a quarter) and very slightly raised but not hard and there is no blister. I have never had this reaction and I'm so nervous. I have had tb test in the past that were light pink and itchy but never raised. I have convinced myself that I have TB! Does this sound like a positive TB test or an allergic reaction?

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Per terms of service, we cannot give medical advice. TB skin tests are not usually read until 48-72 hours after placement. Suggest you check with your healthcare provider.

For what it's worth, one can develop antibodies with having an active infection.


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Thanks for the comment. I didn't mean for my original post to seem like I want medical advice. I just want to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Just knowing someone has been through something similar and that everything ended up okay (positive test or not) would give me a little peace of mind.

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