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So I recently I  learned I wasn’t duplicating properly for quite some time, I was only paying the utilities  at the place where I reside and not “fair share half of all expenses”, which I initially didn’t do because the mortgage our home is in my girlfriends name, and I also wasn’t paying for a residence at my job location for seven days a week, I was only doing three days and going home, I corrected this now, but I will need to pay taxes on my stipends for sure. 

I was wondering if anyone had any experience on how to do this on your taxes? 



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Think you need to consult a tax professional. It is possible your relationship with your girlfriend, if of a permanent, long standing cohabitation, and ongoing status, meets the criteria a tax home. If she was your wife, it would be completely unquestionable. Chances are good that your girlfriend negotiated and got what she wanted, if only your charming presence a few weeks a year. Quid pro quo. You might even need a tax lawyer to confirm if you do or do not have a legitimate tax home for your comfort.

The actual way to pay taxes is simple. Just add up all the untaxed stipends (less any reimbursements for professional expenses like scrubs or certifications) and report it as other/additional income. Line 8 of 1040 requiring Schedule 1. You can also ask your agency or agencies to send you a 1099 on untaxed income. They may not want to do it, but you should have documentation on your pay reports or assignment contracts if they won't. Filing honestly may open you up for an audit, but doing it right is always best.

Good luck!