is there anyone who is going to be applying to tamucc - 2010? i would like to have someone i could discuss the process with. i have already applied to the university. once accepted i will be applying to the accelerated program. i still need to take nurs 4322.


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I am applying! I just got accepted to the University a few weeks ago, now just waiting for it to be time to apply for ABSN Fall 2010! I am excited! Are you from CC? I am in Alaska, my husband is in the Army, but we lived in CC 8 years ago when we were Navy. Do you know much about how competitive the program is or what the stats are like? I know nothing!! Good luck to you, and hopefully will see you next fall!

Has 8 years experience.


i sent you an email then i found this post.

i am taking the health alterations class in the spring. are you?


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