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I just wanted to confirm and get "inside" insight on the current field for CNAs. I have spoken to one who is actually going to school for CNA and says sometimes nursing homes have openings. I'm looking into programs and have found some to be cheaper than others; I can also challenge the exam, but I'd rather get schooling, so why not try to the cheaper one (non-private). I've looked on here and searched for awhile on the CNA field but wanted direct.

My questions are, is, or has it been hard finding a CNA job in the Tampa, specifically Tampa?

Would I be able to start out in assisted living, LTC, or just nursing homes until I get experience to work in the other two?

I currently am a caregiver for an elderly couple and they are my neighbors. Does this count has experience?

Is overtime available or are facilities cutting back on hours/OT?

Is there any hard math in the program?

I'm not too concerned about what the pay will be like. I'm also interested in working second shift once I get out of a program.

I've been having my eyes set on CNA for awhile, but have heard the market is really saturated recently. I do plan on continuing my education and support myself as a CNA throughout school. It just seems like a viable option right now and I just don't think of it as just a paycheck because I've cared for my uncle before who had down syndrome, and my grandmother really spunky and a hoot, plus I care for my two neighbors and love their stories and their company as much as they love mine. Of course, working in the actual field would be different with the stories I've heard being yelled at, combative residents, etc.



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Good question. I don't have the answer, but I am curious to know what others in the Tampa Bay area have to say. I am finishing up pre-reqs for nursing school, and am considering sitting for the CNA license to do CNA until I get my RN license. I hope someone else in the TB area responds.

Good luck with everything!