Taking Your Time-Sensative Medications As A Night-Shift Nurse


I just began my nursing career in the ICCU and have been on days with a preceptor. I'm about to switch over to nights. I have one medication that is supposed to be taken in the morning (it can keep you awake if you take it too late in the day). My question is for those night nurses who may have a time sensitive medication to take: How do you take your medication while switching back and forth from days to nights without taking too much or too little in a 24 hour period?

I wohld appreciate any advice!

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It's really something you should ask your physician, as you're looking for medical advice. Prescription meds aren't something you arbitrarily mess around with dosing, especially when you can't take them as prescribed, and nurses aren't really the ones to answer this question.


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I always assumed night was my day but I don't switch back on my days off. I agree with the above poster. Ask your doctor what he/she thinks is best.