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taking work home


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I work in the neuro ICU and see alot of deaths expecially from young people. my wife has recently gotten on to me about taking my work home with me. which she has a point, I pray for my pts., ive had a good cry for my pts., I try to give them hope by telling them I want to see them when they get through this situation. however, I believe the fact that i care allows me to take better care of the pt and their fams. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue

hcox1975, BSN, RN

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I also take my work home with me. My husband asked me to please spare the details. He knows that when I have a patient die that I am different and to please bear with me. He listens but I try not to bring these things home with me. I have friends that I carpool with, and we talk about things that happen when we are working so that helps me get through the tough times. I think you feel this way because you do have a tender heart and if you are like me, that is one reason you became a nurse.

mpccrn, BSN, RN

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I'll talk to my husband about some things I don't work through on the drive home. He listens, rarely comments, it helps. Mostly, I try to work things out while I drive home, transitioning from nurse back to wife and mother.