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Taking the plunge...

by weluv3 weluv3 (Member)

So I am changing careers to become a nurse. I have 3 kids, ages 5 months, 3, and 7, and a wonderfully supportive husband of 10 years.

Today I am off to the CNA school where I will most likley be signing up to take their 10 week course to become a CNA to begin my nursing career. I have a daunting 5 years of school ahead of me to eventually get me to a Bachelor's in nursing at the state school that is here in my city.

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi as I'm sure I'll be popping in here to get advice and share stories over the coming months/years....


Hi Michelle! CONGRATULATIONS on making the plunge & Welcome to AllNurses.com- you'll find it a fabulous resource, whether advice for the TEAS test or reading experiences from experienced nurses. My name is also Michelle & I,too have changed degrees to Nursing later in life. I started interning at a hospital & received my CNA certification, those experiences has validated my strong desire (& fate) to become a nurse & by next month I can finally start applying to programs.

I commend you!, for having 3 kids with a supportive husband. I can't imagine how difficult it will be but with faith, prayer, love, & compromise, you will be able to do it, one step-at-a-time.

Good luck with the next few weeks of CNA school as well as the following years ahead. You can do it, girl! :)

Peace & Blessings,



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Congratulations, Michelle!! I am 39 and just started the "plunge" into my Nursing career this year, too! My CNA class was only 7 weeks, and I currently work at our local care center. It has it's ups and downs, but I so love the residents!! I work the NOC shift, and truly adore the people I work with! Good luck...and always remember...You can do this!!! :)

YAY! It always makes me happy to hear someone make this decision! I am a CNA just got my license interviewed last week... Nursing school will be hard I have two kids, 9mos and 3 yrs old but I couldn't be more exciteddddd! I dream of wearing scrubs and meeting my first patients. GOOD LUCK to you and welcome!

awe, thank you so much! Good luck to us all:)