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Well, I'm just wrapping up my first year in an ADN program. Sweet! I have been offered a position as an extern in the OR and Recovery Room at the local hospital and am really excited. My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA and think this will give me some great exposure. So, here's my question for all you vet's out there... I really want to make a good impression on the staff. What are some tips/pointers, or OR "courtesies" I should be aware of for the summer long position. Go ahead and give me your :twocents:! Any advice will be appreciated. I'm looking forward to some wise words from all you experienced RN's out there. Thanks in advance for sharing.


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Lucky you :yeah:What a wonderful opportunity. The thread brewerpaul linked to has lots of great information. I'm sure you'll be rather overwhelmed at first so stand back and take it all in for a bit. Once you get your bearings just take direction from your preceptor and enjoy the ride. Good luck!!

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