Taking the NET--HELP!


I am taking the NET next week for admissions to an LPN program and have some questions?

1. Is only English and Math sections graded?

2. Is there a science question section?

3. Will These science questions to looked at to determine my acceptance?

4. How long is the science question section?

5. What kind of material should i except on the science section?

I have purchased a review book but it does not provide me any information on this. If anyone could help that would be great!


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Ext....where are you taking the NET? If you bought the NET study guide then just read it cover to cover and take the practice tests. The NET is just math & reading, no science :) (and I had an essay too but I think each school varies this) The material is not that hard it is just that there isnt enough time - especially in the reading section. Just know fractions, decimals etc for the math and read and reread the practice tests in the book and get used to reading that kind of scientific passages. You can also look online for some practice tests too.....good luck.

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What school are you trying to get into?? I just took the NET back in January and I used this website to study: http://www.testprepreview.com/net_test_breakdown.htm

There is no science on the NET thats only on the TEAS which most community college LPN programs use. The math and reading comprehension sections are both graded. Just keep practicing and whatever you aren't so good at just go over as much as you can. Practice makes perfect!! Good Luck :D

well, the NET does not consist of science the TEAS does and some schools actually give u an extra english portion that they make up themselves it's not difficult. Good luck.


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How long are the paragraphs in the reading comprehension section? Are any of them more than 2-3 paragraphs long?