Taking the Michigan CNA exam soon! I have some questions!

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I'm taking the Michigan CNA exam on Tuesday (3/18) at WCC and I have a couple questions for anyone who has already taken it!

First of all, when I'm cleaning up my supplies at the end of a skill can I clean up with my gloves on? I'm pretty sure I did this during my labs but now I'm not so sure if that's the proper thing to do!

Also, when I'm providing a wash cloth to the resident before they eat (for the feeding skill... obviously), should I actually wet the wash cloth during the exam or can I just verbalize that the wash cloth is wet? I know I have to actually wet them for skills like bed bath and peri care but do I need to for simple things like washing off hands for the sake of saving a wash cloth from having to be dried?

I feel like I'm over thinking everything but I feel like something I would consider small and unimportant is going to be something crucial and be an automatic failure.

Oh! And for transferring from bed to wheelchair they made such a big deal about making it a one pivot motion and asking the resident if they felt the chair on the back of their legs before they sat down but that's hard to do without stopping the pivot to ask them! Any tips on that! We had to ask it when we did it during lab but I just went back and watched a video of an instructor (who wasn't an instructor for my lab) demonstrating the skill and she didn't ask! So I'm not really sure which is the proper way to do it.

Thanks for helping!!


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How did things go with your CNA exam? I will be taking a CNA course at WCC very soon and I'm interested in your experience on test day. Thanks :)

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