Taking out a loan for LPN school worth it?


Hi, I am thinking of going back to school to become a Licensed Nurse. Right now, I am working as a cna at a hospital and enjoy it. However, after working as a cna for years I am feeling like there is not much more to learn and the pay isn't really that great either. I want to ultimately become an RN, but I dont have the time or finances to do BSN or RN right now. Thinking about doing LPN, but would have to take out a pretty big loan to cover my col. I couldn't work while in school because the classes are 4 to 5 days a week mornings and I wouldn't have a sitter to watch my 2 year old while I worked evenings, he is in daycare already. Single mom here, no family support. Anyway the long term goal is to increase my salary while getting better work opportunities as a nurse. Would taking out a loan (I estimate the cost to be around $30,000) to pay for rent, utilities food etc be worth it to get my LPN? Just looking for opinions as I am seriously considering this. Thank You.

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I would take RN prerequisites, slowly, and pay as I went along. Then I'd take out loans and cut way back in work to make it through an RN program. It's not just what I would do, it's what I actually did do.