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Taking Hurst Review!! Help!

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Hi I'm taking the hurst review on january 24-26. Any comments about the review center? I took Kaplan before and I think it wasn't good enough for me because I lack content and Kaplan focuses on critical thinking.

I just finished Hurst last week, and I'm currently studying the online videos along with the worksheet. It's literally the best thing since slice bread. I'm so happy that I chose Hurst Review because of the content review that I TRULY need. Of course, I heard many great things about Kaplan as well, so I bought the book. But my weaknesses definitely was the content and finally after a week of Hurst, I'm taking practice tests in Saunders with GREAT results. My scores on Saunders practice tests were so pathetic before I took Hurst.

Kaplan also helped me too though. Once I come across a question where I just truly did not know the answer, I would apply the strategies I learned from Kaplan and did really well. Of course, the final test has yet to come. But my knowledge base and my confidence has dramatically increased since taking Hurst. Since you will also have both Hurst and Kaplan, I think it's really going to be great for you!

I only took Hurst and passed first try in 75! You can't go wrong if you follow their instructions on how to study the content. I was so nervous when I started the exam and after 2-3 questions, all the course content and instructor's voice came to mind and my confidence rose above any fear of the NCLEX Lady's questions.

My first attempt was with ATI and Kaplan and ofcourse it didn't help me. I took Hurst in Dec and took NCLEX RN exactly a month later and passed. I highly recommend Hurst. It breaks everything down so easily. I wish I took it during nursing school. I would've done so much better! So Hurst Review is the way to go!

RNstrong- would you by any chance be willing to share the HURST videos? I am still in school, and graduating in December. I would really appreciate any sharing of the videos if possible. Thanks...

hi MyNamRN... would you by any chance be willing to share the HURST videos?

Hurst Review doesn't allow for sharing the content, as they only give you access to the videos for a certain period of time.

hi MyNamRN... would you by any chance be willing to share the HURST videos?