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Taking the ERI test

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Has asyone out there taken the ERI test for Pharmocology? My class has to take it this week for the first time. We have three chances to pass if not we have to retake pharmocology. If you have taken this test would you please give me some insite as to what types of questions we will encounter. Also, if there are any web sites that offer practice tests. Our instructers have not said beans about this test until this year, seems it would have been nice to know about while we were takeing pharmocology!



We take all our tests on ERI. I think it costs $60 a semester to use the website and our instructors gave us a password. With that you can go to the website www.eriworld.com, log-in and take practice tests. I just looked at mine and there is a pharmacology practice test. After you take the practice test it will list all your "problem areas" (I think they call it at risk). Then just do the remediations it suggests (which are also on the website)...

hope that is helpful.


Specializes in Neuro, Med/Surg, Longterm care.

Thank you! I did not realize it was a computer based test. Our teachers have not told us much of anything about it other than we have to pass it. Our college is new to nurseing, the first class to graduate will be this summer 07, then my class in December 07. (prayfully)

Thanks for the help!

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