Any study techniques that helped with efficiency? or study materials that killed two birds with one stone? Thanks!


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I never took the PAX, but for the TEAS, I purchased the ATI TEAS V guide, and I read it cover to cover, putting tabs on pages I needed to review. Then I spent my time going back to the pages with the tabs, removing them as I went. This process only took me a couple of days of really buckling down, and I scored a 96%. I'm using the same approach for the NCLEX (using the Kaplan content book along with the Kaplan course).

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I never took the PAX but they are two different tests so I would get the study guides to both tests. I foolishly studied for the TEAS with the HESI book. Honestly the only part I did poorly on, on the TEAS was the math. On the HESI there is a built in calculator & the TEAS no calculator is allowed.

Those three tests (PAX, HESI, TEAS) all test the same information but different formats.


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I took the Teas V and made a 93.3 cumulative and only studied 2 days before the test. Do I recommend it? Hell no. But what I do recommend is you buy the official ATI teas V test guide. It comes with 2 practice tests for each sections and sometimes the book is really good at breaking it down. Other times it's " what kind of logic a that?" Which is why I recommend that you look up this man on YouTube called "Keshwani Prep". Not only does his series of videos go over every single page of the book, he does an excellent job of explaining everything. He even shows you shortcuts and workarounds for the problems to make them easier and save you time. I recommend you start on that at least 3 weeks before the test since he has a large amount of videos, each one being about 15 minutes long.


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Thanks guys, I have decided to only take the TEAS V. The only program requiring the PAX is an Associate level program, and from what I am hearing. BSN is the way to go.


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I had to take both exams. The school I originally wanted to get into required the NLN PAX exam, and the school I'm in now required the TEAS. The PAX exam I passed the first time, the TEAS test I passed on my third go with a 70%. The material on the PAX is science, math, and reading. The material on the TEAS is science, math, reading, and English. I found the science to be the hardest on both tests. On the TEAS test, the science questions were very specific. I would recommend studying for at least a hour a day for about 3 weeks to a month for both exams.

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I've taken both, pax was easier to me.