when do i take the TEAS test?

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newbie here to this forum but have so far found it to be very helpful! here's my situation: i'm taking my final pre-req (A&P II) thus applying to my local RN program for the spring 2011 session. our application period is from sept 1st till oct 1st, and i'm working on the (very short/abrupt 3 page) application right now and getting ready to submit online - via email which is the only way they accept it.

when do i take my TEAS test? this is what the school's website says: Due to the ongoing budget crisis in California RCC cannot offer the TEAS test to all eligible applicants. Only applicants with the highest science GPAs will be invited to take the TEAS at RCC. If you are not invited to take the TEAS at RCC, you may contact other Nursing schools... and: A Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) in basic math, English, reading, science is required for all applicants prior to enrollment in the nursing program.

so I'm confused - do i send in my application and wait for further instructions on taking the TEAS, or take the TEAS before i send in the application?? while i'm sending in the application...? the 'invited' portion threw me off because i was thinking well they must have all my info already in order to choose whether or not to invite - so after i apply, plus it said prior to 'enrollment' not application. yet on the actual application it asks: Have you successfully passed the TEAS test with a adjusted individual score of at least 67? and i know that the TEAS score is included in the point system they use to accept/deny students so... i can't figure out when the heck to take it!

any help is greatly appreciated!

sorry for the long winded post; hope it made sense!

Find out through the Nursing Dept at your school what the cut off is to be able to sit for the test at your school if u dont meet the cutoff proceed to make alternate arrangements to take the test at an approved testing center in your area and have scores reported to your school asap as you are up against a deadline

looking back at your post I would assume since you are in the process of taking a and p and you have not heard from them as of yet, I would assume you did not meet cuttof due to gpa or the fact all science prereqs not complete.. follow my suggestion as posted in my initial post

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