Take LPN program while on the waitlist for RN program?


I am currently on the wait list for the RN program in Maricopa, but I'm still looking at a 1.5-2 year wait. Woud it be a bad idea to go ahead and apply for the fast-track LPN program at Gateway? I'd like to start making progress in this down time, and I certainly wouldn't mind covering the material in blocks 1 and 2 again if I had to, and maybe just maybe it would get me into block 3 quicker? Or would I have to start all over again on a different wait list for block 3 losing my spot on the current list? My time stamp is 10/11/13, so needless to say I have awhile before im pulled. Any advice is appreciated, if someone has a better grasp of how this would play out.


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I am going to private pm you. I am in the fasttrack lpn at gateway and graduate in may.


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I know that once you accept a placement in the RN program, you are purged from the application pool. Before deciding you should check if you will be purged from the waitlist if accepting a place in the lpn program. However, it might not matter because the wait is either none or just a couple semesters to get into block 3 of the RN program. It just depends on the amount of applicants vs spots avail from people failing or dropping block 2. Also I believe Gateway holds a certain amount of spots for lpn-rn block 3 entrance. Applying for LPN couldn't hurt and may speed things up for you. Especially since the wait is likely going to be another 2+ years for your. The applicant pool is much larger than when I applied and I waited 2.5 years to start. I was Aug/11 and just started this January. There were a lucky few who got in after only 1.5 years from deferals and school selection just worked out for them, but most waited between 2-3 years. LPN would be 1 year, then either directly to block 3, or a short wait. Either way, you will either finish early, or on time, but will have been able to work as an LPN gaining experience while finishing the lpn-rn. Good luck in what you decide on.

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What about working on classes for your BSN bridge so once you have your ADN you can bridge immediately. Where do they even hires LPNs besides LTC.


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Have you thought about looking into Gateways Concurrent nursing BSN program. Once you have your pre-reqs and co-reqs done you can apply and there is no waiting list, but you do have to have a 3.0 GPA.

Concurrent Enrollment Program


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I agree with what people hae said about working on co-reqs if you haven't already or working towards the concurrent BSN program. However there are still classes you have to take DURING your blocks in addition to regular block course work. No one in my block is in the CEP program (currently in block 3) but the block behind us there are a lot and a good amount of them didn't pass block 1. This may or may not be directly linked to the CEP workload but just doing the "regular" ADN route is so time consuming that I can see doing the CEP as being super intense. But with so much time I would get ahead if that's something you are interested in. If not I would advise taking some med terminology classes if you are unfamiliar or new to the health care setting. This really can help in block one. Many of my friends had no previous medical background and really struggled with terms. I personally wouldn't advise the LPN route but that's just me.

Good luck with whatever you choose!