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Take a job in the OR, or Dialysis clinic?


Specializes in Dialysis RN. Has 2 years experience.

Yes...very different specialties. I have the opportunity to work at either and I can't decide between the two!

I am a new nurse (9 months). I left my psych job a few weeks ago due to COVID and the fact that the patients live in a community-style unit and we were still taking new admits and not making anyone wear masks or even (at the time I left) limiting visitors. I could see that when this hit the unit, it would hit hard. My husband is immune-compromised so I felt like the risk on this unit was high.

I began looking for new jobs that would start in 1-2 months and I landed two offers. My goals was to get back into a more medical nursing career. I love psych, but it's not what I want to do long term.

The first offer is in a local dialysis clinic that has plenty of PPE. Hours are 4 10's a week. 2 Saturdays a month. Lots of opportunity for advancement and growth. Pay is good.

The second offer was for an OR nurse in a large hospital system. M-F with rotational call. Pay is lower than Dialysis.

OR interests me from a technical standpoint and the idea that I would get to see a lot of really interesting cases. I'm a pretty analytical and detail-oriented person. Dialysis interests me because I like the location of the clinic (shorter commute than the hospital) and better options for growth without going back for an advanced degree.

Concerns for Dialysis is that I'll be bored and the start times are EARLY. Concerns for OR are that I won't really get to talk to patients much and that I will have to stand for very long periods of time.

I know these specialities are worlds apart. I like them both and I have concerns for both.

So it will come down to this -

Which position do you think has the least amount of COVID risk? I know OR has risk for intubating and extubating. Other risks you can see? Dialysis risks?

My husband being immune-compromised is top of my list for accommodations I need to make for my career.

I know this is all over the place. I feel all over the place. I truly cannot decide! I have zero experience in either and I can't shadow because of COVID - which makes this decision a blind shot in the dark.

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