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Take advantage of a volunteer job.

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I am writing this post to receive some advice regarding my volunteer position. I am a new graduate BSN (Dec 2011), and, as many these days, unable to find a job. As many today, I also applied to all kind of Nursing Jobs, shifts, and facilities. I got two interviews, but I did not land in a job. I also took extra courses with clinical practice, and kept refreshing pharmacology basic care, and med-surg from nursing school. Finally, I feel blessed since I was accepted as a volunteer in MICU and SICU, in a hospital almost 70 miles far from my house. Most of the job is clerical, organizing drawers, learning to enter data in the computer, and getting supplies from other units. However, last time I was in the unit, at my request, I helped nurses with cleaning, positioning, and sticking the patches of ECG on the patient's chest. I also shadow another nurse doing an admission. No need to say, I was extremely happy. I understand that I cannot practice as a nurse meanwhile I am volunteering, but this is a start. My question to all of you, is how can I maximize this wonderful experience to acquire critical thinking skills, be better prepared for a future "new nurse" job, and how much can I bother these busy nurses? I love to be a nurse, and I do not mind doing whatever it needs to help nurses, patients, and improve in my skills, but nurses may be concerned about liability issues. Does my insurance cover this?

Finally, if you, as a critical care nurse, had this situation (a non experienced
volunteer trying to help and learn) what would you be willing to share?


Thanks, and happy holidays!

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