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  1. I keep getting emails and ads popping up on social media that are offering crazy weekly pay rates for Travel RNs. I am a former travel nurse (2006-2008), have 17 years of ICU experience and recently got my MSN and working full time as an FNP. I hate my job as an NP and I am making way less than I could traveling. I'm a single guy (no kids, etc) so moving around isn't an issue. Are these pay rates for real? (I've seen some offering like 6K per week), and is this pay projected to be around for a while? I'm so far removed from when I last traveled that I don't even know which companies are reputable anymore and which offer the best benes. As I inch towards my mid-40s I'm wondering if getting back into the travel industry vs staying an FNP would be worth my time or if these assignments are going to dry up soon. It appears a substantial amount of money could be made. Any insight??