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    Subjective“I do not feel like eating.” ObjectiveSolu-Cortef 100 mg IV Q8hr RAC PICC Foley Catheter Wound L. Foot Recent hx of UTI Albumin 9/30/08 2.5 L Unwillingness to eat Wbc 9/30 8.4 and 10/02 10.7 normal Hgb 9/30 11.3 L 10/02 9.7 L Risk for Infec...
  2. Nursing care plan HELP

    Nursing school has been so awful...I need to do good on this care plan & final the tests are very challenging. I have a care plan but I'm unsure if I'm doing it right.Mrs. Garcia been seen in the ortho clinic for steadily worsening pain in right ...