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Tablet needed in BSN programs?

by PrayingToPass PrayingToPass (Member)

Im looking into spending some of my scholarship award on purchasing a tablet (or "phab-let" which is a big phone/tablet), but is this a "necessary" expense? Ive heard that by 2018 all textbook materials will need to be eBooks, well at my school anyhow (NSC). Also, some of the program materials are required apps but one is for Windows, while the other app is Apple (huh)? Lol ~ Personally, I graduate by 2017 so I still get to use my dependable old paper books but still did you find during clinicals they were a priceless commodity? ~ Thank You ~

pmabraham, BSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice, Palliative Care. Has 3 years experience.

Good day, PrayingToPass:

A tablet/phablet is not required. Check with your school as to what they recommend. Check with fellow classmates (or if the school has a discussion area / Facebok group area, check enmass) as to what they use and recommend.

Thank you.