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i start my CNA course October 12th...i'm kind of worried about taking the tabe test...i havent been in school for almost 6 years now and its the math part that worries me. does anyone have any advice or know of any place on the web that offers free practice tests? i've searched and only find the ones that cost money.

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Hi Gina i am worried too cause i havent been in school since a long time ago, and i am scared of the tabe test, i would like to study LPN,but i hate MATH,do you find out how to prepare for that test,i search online and online find the ones that have to paid and i am not sure of that ones do you find something please advise.


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try your local "one stop" "career center" "workforce investment act" center, they usually administer it and have website for studying, and can help pay for your education. i took the tabe and it has lots of fractions and (-5) + 2 = or

(-1/6) * (-2/4) = the test i took had 2 math parts, so you really should study before taking it. you can also look through a SAT test booklet or practice materials online, it's similar.

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