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Syncope Paper


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I usually have no problems with care plans but I'm doing a process paper on syncope and based on the ABC's can't decided how to write a diagnosis or which one to do. I'm torn on oxygen getting to the brain and how to phrase that or risk to fall.. Pt has orostatic B/P, is 83 (normal aging process tuff there) elevated resp and hx of heart issue (pacemaker, HTN, afib). It's the last part of this paper. Thanks in advanced. DelawareCNA

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The diagnosis you are looking for is simply Ineffective Tissue Perfusion: cerebral R/T interruption of blood flow. You can also have a second diagnosis of Risk for Falls especially because of the patient's age.


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TY, I think I will have better luck with that. I started with risk for fall, then changed to Alteration in Cardiac Output r/t hx of irreg heartbeat aeb pacemaker, but that didn't quite hit me right with not being overly obvious to do with syncope. Is there any web site that you can reccommend to give info on diagnostic tesing for syncope? The head tilt test results, etc? I've read many of your posts while visiting this site and have gone to almost all of them, I'd say, just to check them out. The care plan constructor is awesome. Thanks again for all of your input on the threads.