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I'm looking to get in contact with anyone who has worked or is currently working at either of the Sydney Childrens Hospitals. I'm currently working in ED at one of the cities major hospos, and love working in the paeds section so much I wanna make a change to a kids hospital full time! Probably to the ED but would also be interested in PICU, NICU or haem/onc.

My questions for current and past staff are about rostering and annual leave - is it difficult to get holidays? How much night duty is required over the bare minimum, assuming I'll work full time? 8 or 12 hour shifts?

What about culture amongst staff, are they welcomed? Are there many learning opportunities/programs for new employees?

finally, how you get to work? do you take the train then walk? Drive? Is parking an issue? Bus or cycle?

Many thanks!!


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I am sure either hospitals have RN discovery days where you could ask all these questions, if ya wanna go work there, as I am not sure many on these forums are going to answer all your questions.

One phone call to the HR departments should answer some of your questions about vacancies and discovery days, as many are probably in the same boat as you, paeds is a popular speciality.

Hope someone can answer some of your questions here! first


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I more wanted an insiders look into the culture, the picture painted by NUMs certainly isn't the reality in many nursing jobs haha! I'm currently on nights rehung to source info for contacts, thanks for the reply :)

I've got experience in the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, happy for you to PM me and discuss.


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I have also worked at Sydney Kids (in areas you expressed interest in). Would be happy to answer questions via PM.