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Switching into pre-nursing


I am close to finishing my first semester of college and have realized I want to become a nurse practitioner. My current school does not offer a pre-nursing program. Therefore, do I need to transfer to my state university asap?

Also, is it true that nursing programs don't care the college you get your prerequisites at as long as it offers pre-nursing?

If anyone knows anything about Georgia State University's pre-nursing, that would help tremendously.


You can do prereqs anywhere, granted the school who's nursing program you'll be in accepts them. And if you want to be a nurse maybe transfer sooner rather than later to a school that offers that major!

Thanks for your input!

I plan to transfer next semester but right now am stressing over whether this is ultimately what I want to do with my life and whether my physical self can handle it.

Also, does completing my prereqs at a certain school increase my chances of being accepted for BSN?

Also, I was wondering how important the prestige of BSN and MSN is in the nursing profession.

When I start applying for jobs, do potential employers care more about where I got my degree?

If I were to save money, I'd go to a in-state school with a lower ranking for my BSN.