Switching to PDN, need advice from fellow nurses!


Hey guys!

Long story short, I'm a PICU nurse and the hospital I work for is changing my hours and switching me to a general peds floor (Which in itself isn't a problem, but its more the hours that are the issue). So, I'm interviewing for a PDN company in a few days but my old job wants me to call them tomorrow so they can finish the schedule and put it out (with my new hours and position).

Dilemma is, do I tell my old job that there is a chance I will not be available for the next schedule since I'm getting a new job, or do I wait until after the interview and for sure have the new job and allow them to add me to the schedule?

Oh, and I'm like 99% sure I'll get this job, from what the recruiter said on the phone.

All your opinions would be helpful!!


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Can you go PRN at your old job? Not all PDN agencies are the same. Some are downright awful, some are awesome. I would not close one door before opening another AND being sure you like what's beyond that door. Sometimes it takes weeks for agencies to get all their clearances, etc. in order, and it might be a while before they get enough shifts per week for you to have enough money to live on. Some places promise 40 hours a week off the bat just to get you to sign on, then not having more than 1 or 2 shifts per week to start. Or worse, 5 days/week at 4 hours a day. Or they might have the hours but the job is over an hour away. Most places want you to orient at cases, but they'll pay you about $10/hr in the meantime. Just be cautious and be sure you can go without a regular paycheck for at least a month.