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Just curious...I just had my third baby last week and loved all my nurses. After this one gets a bit older I've been considering changing positions. Eventually I'd like to end up in L&D, but would like to get some med surg experience first. Right now I'm in LTC/ Managment and had a little experience as an EMT. Anyone else go from LTC to L&D. Where else did yall work?


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Personally I came into LDRP as a new grad last year, but one of the other newer nurses on the floor came from LTC (she was a director). I believe she had gone directly into LTC out of school, and had been a director for several years although she is still young (late 20's I think). She then came right into LDRP, after having been out of the clinical setting for several years. We oriented together for awhile and the transisition was difficult for her at times, especially stepping down out of the "management" role into the "team" role. We don't work the same shifts so I don't have much of a chance to talk to her but she seems to be doing very well now, and as far as I know enjoys it :)

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