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Specialist flu clinics will be set up at 121 locations across the country in an effort to deal with growing numbers of confirmed Influenza A (H1N1) cases.

The HSE confirmed it plans to use public buildings and community and sports halls to house the clinics to treat patients, in the event of a nationwide outbreak of the virus. HSE National Director of Population Health Dr Pat Doorley said the clinics will be open 12 hours a day, seven days a week once a decision is made to open them.

While a "flu hotline", which could be used to diagnose patients and prescribe antivirals, was part of the National Pandemic Influenza Plan a HSE spokesperson told IMN no decision has yet been made to launch one.

"A flu hotline is one of the options we are currently scoping and no decisions have been made in relation to this. The requirement for a flu hotline will need to be considered in line with the emerging pandemic situation nationally and internationally," the spokesperson said.

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NHS Scotland

Confidential Health Information and Self Care Advice for Scotland


This is a really great idea currently being used in Scotland. What a smart idea this is! Hello, CDC! We could use something like this over here...

It is a questionnaire for patients to describe symptoms, and advises them on how to proceed. Check out what it tells you about chest pain, for example.

This makes so much sense. Why can't we do this? It does not cover every situation, no doubt, but if we are dealing with many people sick at once, this is better than just waiting for them to all show up at the ER.

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