swelling (15mm) 24 hours after PPD in 3yo



I took my 3yo daughter in for her first PPD yesterday (about 26 hours ago). Today the incoulation site is very red and swollen (about 15mm). I know it is 48-72 hours before results should be interpreted but I was wondering if this could be a positive test or if it could be irritation from the injection? She keeps telling me that it hurts.

I just had my ppd 2 months ago and it came back neg. not sure if my husband has ever had one (he was born and grew up in Korea). We livein Alaska where there is a higher occurance of Tb than in the lower 48.

The medical side of me (MA and EMT) knows that I should just wait until monday but the mom side of me is worried. I guess I am just looking for reassurance. Feel free to tell me that I am totally overreacting!

Thanks for your comments.

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I'd put in a call to your provider. It's probably a reaction to the PPD itself, not TB. The provider should be aware of the reaction. If it's bothering the child, you could try a little Tylenol.

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Thanks for your reply. I am bringing her in first thing tomorrow morning to have it read. A large area of her forearm is still red (9cm X 4cm) but the overall swelling has gone down and she is no longer complaining about discomfort. I did notice a knot under the site of innoculation (1-2cm) that has me a bit concerned but I am still hoping that I am just being paranoid. The skin around the injection site appears brown compared to the rest of the skin.

I will let you know what her pediatrician says tomorrow. Thanks

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