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Swedish Institute or ASA College

Hello, I resently decided that I wanted to get into nursing. I have an Associates in Human Services. After looking at a few schools I figured my best bet would be to get into an ASN program and not a BSN program.

My question is, what do you guys think of swedish Institute(Acen and 20 months program) and ASA college ( 16 months program)?

At this point I just want to get into a program without the extra waiting list.

I'm also interested in Swedish going to call and or go an open house

i went yesterday to a workshop so I can give you the scoop on swedish institute. So its recently accredited by acen. The program in total is 50,000 if i remember correctly its in includes scrubs, books, and even an incentive iPad (but after 50,000 thats at least they can do). Its 20 months in total with 5 semesters it includes summers. They only accepted 20 students per cycle. They just finished testing for Jan so May is the next cohort. You have to take an entrance exam first the nln-pax its 65 then once you pass with a 110 out of 200 you pay for an application which is 50. Credits are transferable however if they are more then 5 years old they will next take them, and if they are transferable you have to take a challenge exam for them to exempt you. I going to take the exam for backup but personally i think 50,000 is a lil steep for an associate and I'm scared of the school possible losing accreditation and then I'm screwed with the loans.

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so i just look at the acne website and its say once a program is accredited its not reviewed until 5 years later, so the accreditation issue should be fine but the price is still pretty steep.

St Paul's is the same 50k for 18months no iPad í ½í¸‚ And 2/3 transfer credits. Urg all my pre reqs is 8 years plus oh well. I'm considering Swedish but for May 20 students not bad. I just bought the nln PAX book on Amazon so we will see. Only thing between the 2 is for bsn only online


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