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I just purchased one of these Kila stethoscopes, the KL-770 which is very comparable to Littmann's Cardio-3. The rims on the diaphragm and bell are the same color as the rest of the stethoscope and diaphragm is rather ugly IMO. I have heard of people replacing the diaphragm with Littmann's tunable diaphragm for the Cardio-3. I am not a fan of these and I wanted to know if anyone has attempted to replace the stock one with the Littmann floating diaphragm. I'm sure the stock one performs just as well; this is simply for aesthetic purposes.

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I am going to say goo dluck with getting a reply since Kila labs stethoscopes are not highly used nationwide. You will probably be the first one to find out if this is possible or not, but good luck! Most of the time, littmann parts are compatible to Littmann scopes and other brands are the same for their scopes. It is what I have found in the past though.

So I attempted to mount the Littmann diaphragm. They are supposed to be the same size, 45mm, but the Littmann is in fact a smidge smaller, but I still managed to fit it under the rim. To be honest the Kila sounds much better!! I think it is the better product. If you compare them side by side the Littmann seems to be much stiffer, harder, and brittle; while the Kila seems to be made of a softer plastic. I would be curious to see if somebody installed one of these diaphragms on a Littmann steth how it would perform...

I am sold on this Kila 770. I just had my last clinical session of the semester. My group was on the respiratory unit so I have had some opportunities to auscultate some interesting sounds. I used my new Kila side by side with another students Classic II SE and in my opinion it significantly outperformed the Littmann. I do not claim to be an expert on stethoscopes as I am still learning, but I think a lot of people would be very pleased if they tested one of these. I am really curious also to try the GRX CD29. I don't think I will be buying a Littmann anytime soon... Although I am really impressed with the colors offered. Oh well.

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