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Sutter delta medical center new grad 2016

Anyone interview today for the new grad program at Sutter delta medical center in Antioch?

I had an interview. I believe it went well. How did yours go?

I think it went okay as well...

Which department did you interview for? Mine was for women's health.

I hope we hear ASAP! I just got a job offer from the VA hospital but much prefer to work with Sutter!

I hope we hear soon too! Its such a mystery lol. In your interview, did they mention any details or information about Sutter Delta's new grad program? And congrats with the va job, it's still a good place to work!

I asked them about it...it's 8-12 week program with an anticipated start date of early August!

Which department did you interview for?

It was for the ER. I hope we get it! I'll keep you updated.

Me too! ER sounded too exciting for me! I stuck with mommies and babies! :)

I'll keep you posted as well!

I also know that they were only hiring 2 people in l&d department...so I'm hoping they didn't get many applicants for that department! [emoji16]

Oh wow, I hope we get it!

Hey guys! I also applied for Delta medical center. Do you guys know when they will contact us if we get hired?

At the recruitment check in...they told me early this week! They de-briefed that same day and decided who was a yes and who was a no...

So hopefully Monday they'll let us know either way!

Which department did you (@le12390) interview for?

Thank you! Hopefully they call us today and we all get hired :) I applied for ER.

I hope they let's us know today too! The wait is driving me nuts! Lol

Any idea how many they are hiring into the other departments?

Same here! lol I have my cell phone on the highest volume. I have no idea, I hope they are planning on taking in as many new grads as they can.

Keep us posted if you hear anything one way or another! [emoji4]

Yes I sure will! Keep me posted as well :)

Hey all, I was also there for interview last friday. I got call for acceptance yesterday afternoon. I am not sure if it was just yesterday or they are still making acceptance call today/tomorrow. I had applied for ER. I wanted to update here, because I know that feeling while waiting - it is like time goes so so slow or you just want someone to just give you some kind of info from somewhere...

I wish you all Good Luck and hope to see you all there at the orientation.

Stay positive !!!

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CONGRATUALTIONS!!!! :) :) Do you know how many new grads they are hiring for the ER?

Congratulations!! I hope they are still calling for offers!! [emoji120]🏽

Thank you Ie12390. During the interview, I was told they have 2 open positions. But I read here in one blog, that they accepted 5 for ER last year or the year before, and one of my experienced RN friend told me they might hire more than 2, minimum could be 2. So I hope it is more than 2. Stay positive!


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