Sustainable Scrubs

by Amy_L_T Amy_L_T (New) New Nurse

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Hi!  I am reaching out for a friend that is developing a new line of scrubs!

They are in the middle of developing the fabric which will have this new biodegradable technology within the polyester fiber and feel just like Figs but cheaper. It will biodegrade within 3 years(when put under proper conditions) as opposed to 30 years for typical polyester, which is great for healthcare settings. 

Is the sustainable aspect is a selling point for an older generation in healthcare? As a younger RN, I find it to be a selling point along with cost, but they want to get a feel for an older generation across the US. 


Thank you! Amy



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Wow- this is such a cool idea! Sadly, I can't really comment on your question, as I am 37 years old, but to me this would be a great selling point! Thank you to your friend for working on this project.